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Media Newswire is a sector leader in the electronic delivery of news releases and information to the specialist media. Media Newswire is a leading press release distribution service, covering official press releases and media alerts. Media Newswire has the experience and the facilities to provide a cost effective 24/7 - 365 days of the year service for all distribution needs. Targeting journalists, key media and endusers, Media Newswire provides professional news distribution since 2001.

Our office is located in the Netherlands:

Media Newswire
Havenmeesterweg 27
1118 CB Schiphol Airport
Amsterdam, AM 1118 CB

For fastest service, please contact us using our Help Desk or +31.8473911321.

To reach our editors, please send email to editor AT media-newswire.com.

Media Newswire launched back in 2001, distributing the latest news releases via FAX, email and phone. Starting in 2006, Media Newswire gave journalists and reporters access to it's online portal. Before August 2005, online access to our database was restricted to media publishers only. Media Newswire started granting access to endusers since 2006. Granting access to endusers resulted in additional groups of interest using our service.

Distribution Process
The newswire distribution comprises landline and online Internet delivery directly into information systems news desks with the potential to reach thousands of international journalists. Our distribution service also reaches many endusers daily.

Service Fees
Our basic press release distribution service is a low cost solution for businesses and orgainzations looking to gain exposure. We provide a premium distribution service, which allows you to add a company logo to your press release and is for business releases. Premium releases also enable you to track your press release impressions . Our service fee covers our bandwidth, distribution and media editing costs. Premium releases receive three to six times more impressions than our basic distribution option. We do offer release distribution free of charge for not-for-profit and charitable organizations on a one per month per organization release basis.

Contacting Media Newswire
To contact our media editors, please choose one of the following contact options. We have replaced our call center with a ticket system to provide a faster support option, which is available 24/7. Please select one of the following choices to contact our editors.

Media Newswire
c/o Jim Heading
Editor in Chief
Contact Our Editors
+1 (206) 202-0777

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